25 Nov 2014

CapSU RDE hosts food products expo

CapSU food products dev’t

By NiƱo Manaog
Extension Associate

Roxas City—To showcase the food products of its campuses and satellite colleges across the province of Capiz, the Capiz State University (CapSU) Research, Development and Extension Center hosted a Food Products Presentation on Nov. 19, 2014 at the Dadivas Auditorium on Fuentes Drive here.

For one day, the food expo allowed the CapSU faculty researchers to display a wide array of their food products including delicacies, condiments, pastries and ice cream.

Led by CapSU President Editha Magallanes, who is herself a nutrition scholar and enthusiast, the food expo also allowed the exhibitors to conduct food surveys for their respective food products and technologies.

Walk-in visitors were asked to taste and sample their delicacies and products.

CapSU Burias Campus featured three delicacies, namely: Salmaco, a homemade ice cream made from made from saluyot malunggay and coconut; mushnut, a macaroon made from mushroom and coconut; and dried coconut (bukayo). All three were presented by Prof. Edna Nava, Prof. Elnor Briones and Prof. Marjorie Licatan, all of CapSU Burias Campus.

CapSU Sapian Satellite College offered a single food technology, namely: barquillos (apa) made from green mussels (tahong), produced in two varieties. The first variety used 50% flour and 50% tahong meat flour; while the second used 75% tahong meat flour. It was presented by Prof. Candelaria Arro, Prof. Maddy Gallardo and Prof. Arlene Tamayo, all of CapSU Sapian SC.

For their part, the CapSU Pontevedra campus showcased a variety of foods, including spicy bagongon, lumpiang bangus (milkfish), bolabolang bangus (milkfish meatballs) and crispy toway. Meat contents in these products came in different concentrations. All food products were presented by Dr. Salvacion Degala, Extension Chair, Mrs. Elisa Delmindo and Research Chair, Dr. Jocelyn Dagudag and supported by their staff Mark Borines and Mr. Jay Martin Biclar.

During the turn of CapSU Sigma SC, professors Monalisa Odad, Jenny Murguia Belinda Cabantugan and Maria Montefrios presented three food products, namely: labog jelly; Kalabana, catsup made from kalabasa and banana; Mabaam, an ice cream delicacy made from malunggay, banana and ampalaya. Among said products Mabaam gained good feedbacks from the evaluators.